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Appeal for Nithya Pooja

     Dear Devotess,

 The Nitya Pooja Archa and rituals are performed through the faith of devotion of devotees.

   According to the scheme sponsored By (Board of Trustees of the Mandir donation of Rs. 11,000/- (corpus fund of one day) and its multiples are accepted and amount so received is deposited with Bank under various schemes. The interest on such deposits is utilised for "Nithya Pooja" in Mandir.

    You can also enroll your name for the daily morning and evening rituals for any day in the year. The Pooja of the specified day/date informed to us, will be held on that day/date every year in the name of the donor or name suggested, throughout his lifetime.The date specified by you, will be informed by post sufficiently in advance, to enable you to be present in person for the Pooja performed in the Mandir. In case you will be unable to attend personally, Shri Prasadam will be sent to you by post after performing the Pooja.

    The name of the person for whom the Pooja is performed is notified on the notice Board.

   The demand draft for the amount of donation to be sent in the name of Shri Uttara Chidambaram Nataraja Mandir Nithya Pooja Trust. The donations are also accepted in cash and regular receipt given.

   All the correspondence in the matter should be made in the name of

Shri P. Jagadeesh Bhat, Trustee, Shri Nataraj Nilayam, Krishnanagar, Satara - 415003.

  Thanking You,

   Yours faithfully,
  Shri P. Jagadeesh Bhat

Note : Please enroll your name for Nithya Pooja on any day in a year and attain blessings befittingly.