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       Post Emergency, Paramapoojya Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, popularly known as the Mahaswamigal, set out on his last padyatra of South India. After his stay at Kalavai, Hubli, Belgaum and other places, the Mahaswamigal came to the holy place of Ugar in December 1979. Paramapoojya Shri Narayanand and Saraswati of Ugar was specially attending to the Mahaswamigal.

From Ugar, the next year, in June 1980, the Mahaswamigal came to Satara, situated at the holy confluence of Krishna and Venna rivers. At Satara, once the capital of Shivaji Maharaj's empire, he stayed on for eleven months at the famed Shankara Mutt of Vedic tradition till April 1981. To seek the blessings of the saintly Mahaswamigal, there was a stream of devotees. One among them was a humble, religious and philanthropic personality of Satara. He was Late Shri K. Shamrao D. Shanbhag popularly known to everybody as "Shamanna".

       Once, Shamanna placed a small bagful of money with great devotion in front of the Mahaswamigal as offering, but the latter did not accept it. Shamanna, obviously felt very disturbed. He began to wonder whether he should have packed more money. And he executed that thinking in action the next day. The Mahaswamigal was pleasantly amused at Shamanna's increased offering of money. He asked Shamanna not to bother with monetary offerings to him, because he was not in the habit of accepting money. Instead, he probed Shamanna about his desire. Shamanna confessed that for long he had been cherishing a dream of constructing a temple of Radha-Krishna and for that he sought the blessings from the Mahaswamigal. As if on hue, the saintly sage immediately suggested to Shamanna to build, instead,a temple of Nataraja, the destroyer of evil forces and protector of ardent devotees. However, before making up his mind, the Mahaswamigal advised Shamanna to visit the one and only Chidambaram Temple in Tamilnadu, with three generations of his family.

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