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      Shri Uttara Chidambaram Nataraja Mandir Trust,  Immediately after returning from the visit to the Chidambaram temple, an awe struck Shamanna came to see the Mahaswamigal. The sprawling span of that temple was still before his eyes, and the worry of the construction of a Nataraja temple in a smaller size was making him restless. However, the Mahaswamigal through his blessings strengthened the belief of Shamanna and steered him to commence the work by making a Sankalpa. And once Shamanna made his firm resolution(Sankalpa),a Trust,under the administration of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, was formed.

     The first big problem before the Trust was selecting the site and land for the temple. Shamanna himself solved it and donated a plot of land of 2 ½ hector, which belonged to him, as the site for the temple. The Mahaswamigal accepted the donation of the land and on 19 October 1980 performed the Bhoomipooja.

      By 1981, many pious devotees of the Mahaswamigal, from far & wide, joined Shamanna to accomplish the construction of the Nataraja Mandir. The Western Main Gopuram which is the entrance to the temple came to be called 'Maharashtra-Gopuram' because the Government of Maharashtra financed it. The Northern Raja Gopuram, also known as ‘Andhra–Gopuram’, was financed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Eastern Gopuram, financed by the Government of Karnataka is called 'Karnataka-Gopuram'. The Southern Gopuram by the Tamilnadu Government is 'Tamilnadu Gopuram'. The Kerala Government provided seasoned wood of high quality for the entire Temple including 'Dhvaja-Sthambha’ (the flag-mast).

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